Bluetooth LE and the Internet of…Bike Locks

Bitlock Powered by Bluetooth LE
Bitlock Powered by Bluetooth LE

Bluetooth LE powers beacons, thermostats and garden sprinklers. Next up? Using it to replace keys and combinations on your bike lock.

The lock, being promoted on Kickstarter, is over halfway to its funding goal. And while I have reservations about Kickstarter in general, the Bitlock project is, if nothing else, a reminder of how many use cases there are for iBeacon and Bluetooth LE technology.

bitlock-appWith Bitlock, your phone is your key, using the secure magic of Bluetooth LE to click open your bike lock when you bring you’re close by (and you don’t even need to take it out of your pocket!) But the magic of Bitlock is that it allows secure peer-to-peer sharing. Left your bike at home but your neighbor wants to take it out for a spin? Bitlock has you covered.

We’re entering an era of wireless everything, from turning your kids into beacons so you can make sure they’re safe, to devices in your lawn that check the weather before needlessly watering your grass just before it rains. I might finally see my dream come true: an app that reminds me to buy bread when I get to the store…because for some reason I always end up coming home with cereal instead.

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