iBeacon and IoT Brand Briefing: Your Monday Quick Read

Here’s a weekly snapshot for brands on news and opinion related to iBeacons, proximity marketing and the Internet of Things. Naw, it’s not all inclusive – we’re just trying to get the juices going on a Monday morning. For an end-of-week wrap-up, join our mailing list for ‘BEEKn unplugged’.

Billions and Billions
The Internet of Things will be big. Really really big. Think trillion dollar big, with 25 billion connected devices big.

It’s hype-worthy big:

“This revolution isn’t just about connecting clever gadgets and digital devices to the internet; it’s about connecting people to untold new opportunities. It’s about a chronically ill person whose doctor is automatically notified by a wireless device if her medical condition changes. It’s about cars that automatically call for help after a crash. It’s about smart buildings that monitor the weather to adjust thermostats and blinds for optimal energy efficiency.”

Retail is Apple’s Secret Weapon
iBeacons are Apple’s secret retail weapon.

Except that maybe iBeacons are just one step in a much larger play:

“But more broadly, I have another theory: that iBeacon is just the first step in a larger play. One in which iBeacons are the first nodes in a wider network of APIs, services and devices: a network that includes wearable devices, mobile wallets and deeper connections to the physical world. Apple isn’t playing up iBeacons not because it’s not a secret weapon, but because it’s only the first step in a multi-step game where the end result will be that the world itself is one giant Apple device.”

Retail is Where the Internet of Things Will Happen
Staples knows.

iBeacons are a retailer’s best friend:

“Some industry observers are already saying that iBeacon has enough market disruption mojo to kick near-field communication (NFC) to the curb for good. Until now, most mobile payment systems have been built on NFC platforms; iBeacon could change all that when it finally unlocks the long-prophesied “Internet of Things.”

And if retail’s where the fun is at, then the consultant reports must follow.

But WHY will iBeacons transform local commerce? Steve Cheney knows why:

“Overall, one thing is clear: mobile platforms are set to change the way we buy, transact and consume in our local environment. Local commerce is a massive carrot for growth, a $1 trillion opportunity in the US alone. And somewhat ironically, it may end up being Apple’s “closed platform” which helps unify how online to offline commerce evolves, while fragmentation within Android actually slows adoption of these technologies down.”

Except, Of Course, the Internet of Things Begins at Home
Think smart sprinklers.

Think seniors who can stay longer in their own home.

Think Estimote in your living room.

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Be the Beacon!

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