iBeacon for Android Devices: API Library by Radius

With all the hype around iBeacon/Bluetooth LE support on Apple’s OS devices, there’s a lot less talk about how Android supports the same technology. They might have some catching up to do, but Radius Networks is doing its part to help us along.

It offers both an Android-centric hardware kit you can hack around with at home, and a tidy code repository on GitHub where you can grab the latest Android library that provides APIs to interact with iBeacons (updated earlier today – or late last night depending what time zone you’re in!)

An intriguing point they make about the API: with Android you can detect anybody’s beacon….not possible on iOS devices, and one of the big gaping holes in how value is captured as the world becomes beacon-ized (if I set up a beacon in my store, I’m not sure I want my competitors to be able to geolocate my customers!)

Now, I’m not an Android guy so I can’t comment on the API – but drop me an email (doug at mylocolo.com) or comment and let your other Droid’y friends know what you find. And in the meantime, order up one of their hardware kits built on Raspberry PiĀ or set up your laptop as a test beacon for fun at home or the office!

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