iBeacon for Raspberry Pi Offered by Radius Networks

Radius iBeacon with Pi!
Radius iBeacon with Pi!

Radius Networks, which provides proximity marketing and other services to businesses, is making a Bluetooth LE developer kit available built on the Raspberry Pi computing platform.

The announcement falls on the heels of others who are making kits available for developers (including COIN’s Arduino-based kit) who either don’t want to stand in line for commercially-available off-the-shelf solutions like Estimote, or who want to play around more directly with the hardware.

While COIN clocks in at $22 for an Arduino board and added Bluetooth module, the beacon from Radius includes a Raspberry Pi PC and an 8 GB SD Card pre-loaded with software and clocks in with a $99 price tag.

According to the instructions on their website and instructions on their blog  it’s a fairly simple process to get your kit up-and-running if you have the hacker chops to get you started.

A core value proposition for Radius is that in spite all the noise about Apple’s support for Bluetooth LE and the iBeacon framework for iOS, they provide support for Android devices including a code library to get you up-and-running.

So if you’re particularly focused on Android development using Bluetooth LE and beacons, then Radius might just have the solution pack you’re looking for – and a geeky board you can hack around with that will help you get beaconized.

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