iBeacon Hardware: Bleu Station Gets You Started with Bluetooth LE and iOS Support

Bleu Station Set-Up App
Bleu Station Set-Up App

Want to get started with iBeacons but don’t know where to start? Have a look at Bleu Station dongles, tiny little Bluetooth LE beacons that you can use at home, the store or even the office.

Recently launched by Two Canoes they’re positioned for large-scale enterprise deployment, but also for a small retail store or even for use at home. They have a great little ecosystem of apps and products: an iOS app that helps you set your beacon up and configure its ID, name and other identifiers; and Geohopper, which lets you push messages out through your beacon.

The iBeacon for Everyone
But one thing I really love about what they’ve done is the creation of an ‘action sharing’ website. Users can post their own little code snippets for use in Geohopper.

Bleu is the Bluetooth LE for everyone. At $40, you could put a Bluetooth LE beacon in your boardroom or living room, have your friends or staff download an app, and then push out messages, songs or photos via Geohopper.

Unfortunately, the little dongles are only available for sale to the U.S. And unlike, say, Estimote – they require a power source to operate. Which is fine if you want to run a beacon from a laptop or computer.

We recently installed Bluetooth LE dongles in our offices based on the instructions at Radius Networks and it worked beautifully – but it didn’t have the companion apps that Two Canoes is offering. (Which is fine, we’re coding our own).

So if you want to toy around with Bluetooth LE and impress your friends, order up a pack of Bleus and get started.

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