Internet of Things: The Quantified Self Resource Guide

Tell me I don't need to wear that thing. (Image: Wikipedia)
Tell me I don’t need to wear that thing. (Image: Wikipedia)

We’re all beacons on the Internet of Things. And while we might debate whether it’s parking or your fridge that’s the gateway drug to an Internet of Everything, for most people it’s a FitBit watch or a pair of wired-up Nike shoes.

Some people call it the quantified self. Which isn’t something I’d put on a t-shirt necessarily, but it gets at the deeper idea: that sensors don’t just measure the weather, they measure our heart beats or breathing, the irises in our eyes or the number of miles we’ve walked.

And if QS is your thing, I’ve found no better reference guide than the massive link list put together by Experimentable.

Grab yourself a bunch of empty browser tabs and head on over for a few hours of reading and browsing. From slides and Ted Talks to resources for Investors, hackers and healthcare professionals they’ve pretty much got it all covered.

Now, all I need is a sensor to measure time vs value drilling through their uber-list and I’m all set.

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