Android SDK for Bluetooth Beacons: Stick-N-Find

StickNFind launched an Android SDK for their Bluetooth beacons, helping to extend the nearly 1,000 downloads of their iOS SKD to the world of the ‘droid.

StickNFind Bluetooth Beacon Has Android SDK
StickNFind Bluetooth Beacon Has Android SDK

While the tiny little Bluetooth LE devices are primarily positioned as suiting “finding” use cases (as their name would imply) there’s nothing to say they couldn’t also be used as proximity devices for location-based installations.

With the SDK, developers can:

  • Manage encryption
  • Receive broadcast packets
  • Set speeds (broadcast, connection)
  • Set minimum pairing RSSI
  • Set authentication keys
  • Update firmware OTA
  • Control alert features

StickNFind emerged from an Indiegogo campaign in 2012, and has since added Meterplug and BluTracker to its product line. While I call them beacons, StickNFind likes to call them “location stickers” – a clever way to position the tiny little “stickable” devices.

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