Estimote Launches Revised Virtual Beacon with Radar

Bluetooth beacon-maker Estimote has received approval from Apple for its latest version of a ‘virtual beacon’ and has added mapping and compatibility with physical beacons.

Wow, that’s a lot of beacons in one sentence!

Estimote Virtual Beacon
Estimote Virtual Beacon

But the news will come as a relief to tinkerers who were having trouble getting their previous virtual beacon to, well, work. The previous version was released before the final version of iOS7 and with changes to the final iBeacon API the new app gets us back to a working version.

With developers getting their hands on the latest production run of Estimote physical beacons the app comes at a welcome time.

According to the Estimote website, the radar feature “now you can see all active beacons in a phone’s range and compare their relative distance to the phone. It is also possible to tap on a selected beacon in the radar screen and see details like UUID, broadcasted signal strength, and battery level, as well the version of beacon operating system uploaded to the device.”

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