Estimote Quick Tip: Edit Major/Minor and Other Device Properties

Estimote Editor
Estimote Editor

A short and incredibly sweet tip if you recently got your hands on a set of Estimote Bluetooth LE beacons: run, don’t walk and grab yourself a copy of the Estimote Editor.

It’s a sweet little piece of code that lets you quickly change the settings on the physical beacon (e.g. major/minor and other values). Just tap the editable values (highlighted in blue) and an editor pops open allowing you to change the setting.

(It does note, however, that although power seems to be an editable value “the API appears to be broken” according to the developer of Estimote Editor).

Was thrilled to find it!

5 Responses to “Estimote Quick Tip: Edit Major/Minor and Other Device Properties”

  1. David Capp

    Great work ! But having problem editing major number ?? minor fine !! Any ideas ?? Keep up the good work

  2. There’s a bug in the application. To update the major, press Cancel on the alert instead of OK.


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