GeLo Webinar: Bluetooth Beacons with Content Management System

GeLo, which integrates Bluetooth LE beacons with a content management system, will be holding a Webinar tomorrow, November 14th at 9:00 am PST, hosted by the Bluetooth developer portal.

(If you can’t make it, they’ll archive the Webinar following the broadcast. Also see Brock’s summary of the Webinar).

The intro will be worth it to anyone interested in using beacons for proximity-based experiences, and comes from a team that has been deploying the sturdy little beacons in their own backyard to show off the technology.

GeLo Bluetooth Beacons
GeLo Bluetooth Beacons

We got our hands on a few GeLo beacons yesterday along with the SDK and sample app. We haven’t had a chance to run anything more than a few cursory tests, but they definitely carry their weight – well engineered devices with a multi-year battery life (and when you go to change the battery, you won’t feel like you need to disembowel them like you do with Estimote).

But it’s the connection to a functioning CMS that also has us excited and is why we’ll be tuning in tomorrow. Because a beacon is just a beacon – and even if it comes with a sample app, you’ve got a lot of work ahead if you don’t have a back end to match your use case.

So if you’re trying to figure out which beacon and content stack to put together for a retail, public venue or outdoor application, join in on the Webinar tomorrow and get acquainted with GeLo Bluetooth beacons.

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