iBeacon Made Easy: Radius Launches Proximity Kit

Proximity Kit by Radius Makes iBeacons Easy
Proximity Kit by Radius Makes iBeacons Easy

The crew at Radius Networks have been a busy bunch. On top of their API library for Android devices and Bluetooth LE beacons, they’ve now added Proximity Kit, an API for iOS that makes geofencing and beacon management a snap.

The concept is simple enough: if you’re currently creating an iOS app that scans for and finds beacons or that uses geofencing to determine where your user is (a mile from your store, for example) then you’re either building your own proprietary back-end cloud-based solution for managing geo-coordinates and beacon ID numbers or you’re hard coding them into your app.

Proximity Kit Takes The Back End Pain Away

Proximity Kit lets app developers focus on the front-end user experience with Radius taking care of the rest: pop the SDK into your app and use a web-based dashboard to manage geofencing and iBeacon ID numbers.

Mark Wallace (who spent a lot of time responding to questions we had on this blog – and helpfully cleared up some confusion over whether Apple’s iOS allows you to “see” beacons that aren’t your own) says that Proximity Kit takes a lot of the legwork out of developing geoaware apps:

“…just like with geofences, we’ve found that there are a lot of misconceptions about how they work and the best ways to leverage them. We’ve invested the time figuring out the right way to do this so you don’t have to. Just visit ProximityKit.com and in a couple of minutes your app will be up and running with amazing new micro-location capabilities.”

Mind you – while we now know that Apple won’t let you see beacons that aren’t your own (and Android will), the device manufacturers we’re working with have noted that beacons can act in ‘private mode’ with random IDs….but that’s confusion for another day.

For now, Proximity Kit, which offers a free trial and an incredibly reasonable $49/month unlimited plan takes a lot of the pain out of making your mobile app geo-aware.

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  1. Karan Singh

    Thanks a lot for you blog , after reading your blog i visited Radis Network website and found 3 products 1) ibeacon platform for mobile apps 2) Proximity kits 3) Mobile analytics. My question is out of these 3 which one is Open Source that can be used freely.

    What i want to do is , purchase cheap beacon hardware from any manufacturer and use a good / cheap or Opensourch platform to get my apps ( android and Ios ) developed. Can you suggest on which platform ( cheap or opensource) i should use to fulfil my requirement. I have identified a manufacturer for hardware its comparitively very cheap , but still confused with software platform. please guide me.


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