iBeacon and IoT: Stories and User Experiences in a World of Connected Devices

In an article on Telefonica’s leading M2M/Internet of Things blog, I’ve outlined a rough vision that puts story on an equal footing with data as we think about a world of connected devices.

It was an honor to be hosted by Telefonica – their products and services are elegant and visionary, and they imagine a world of connected cities, smart grids and even smarter “packages”.

But I propose that while data is the power that supercharges the nodes in our newly connected world, we’ll still need an architecture of narrative to make sense of it all:

The first challenge is to get everything connected and to figure out how to manage all the information that a billion devices will create….But we’ll need a new language to help people make sense of their place in a connected world. This language will consist of interfaces, intuitive dashboards, and semantically-relevant search tools.

It will also consist of something we call a narrative architecture the conventions and tools that will allow people to consume and create stories. Like any new media channel, those conventions might borrow from what came before (just like TV borrowed from live theatre) but we’ll soon discover the unique affordances of the technology and start to create something entirely new.

I’d love your thoughts and opinions – have a read of the full piece and let me know what you think. And give Telefonica some love too! It’s nice to see them advancing our understanding of an M2M world.

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