iBeacon and Cause Marketing

ibeacon-cause-marketingBrands and retailers will quickly look beyond the coupon or reward points as they begin to understand the possibilities of Bluetooth LE powered beacons. We’ve previously proposed five approaches, and among them was the idea of linking beacons to cause marketing or cause-related events:

Cause marketing continues to be a high-growth area for brands, in particular for the halo effect it provides by associating with worthy local or national causes. Beacons will be used to provide value first and brand benefits second – but their use will increase the effectiveness and consumer engagement around causes, and will extend the length of engagement.

An app created around a community fundraiser, a ‘run for the cure’, or a grassroots initiative can be used to not just make an individual event more engaging (especially if it uses storytelling to reinforce the positive impact participants are having on the cause in question) but can be used to keep consumers engaged for weeks or months following the event.

But Joe Waters has done us one better, proposing a cause-based approach that works right in the store as he riffs off Swirl’s recent announcement of their deployment at Alex and Ani.

He proposes using beacons to highlight in-store merchandise that has a social good. His list of ideas includes:

  • When stoppers linger near the Charity by Design case, iBeacon could give them the option to watch a short video on one of the charities the bracelets support.
  • iBeacon could inform the sales team that a Charity by Design customer has entered the store.
  • iBeacon could make suggestions on which jewelry goes best with a bracelet.
  • With iBeacon, shoppers could buy a bracelet right on their mobile device. They could also make an additional donation to the charity, and Alex and Ani could reward them with a coupon for their next visit.

Check out his full list – it might inspire you to think about how iBeacon can do a social good.

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