Sonic Notify: Hoops Jones, Beacon Adventurer

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Sonic Notify has been rocking its beacon technology lately, helping drive an Indiana Jones adventure and seat upgrades for the Golden State Warriors. Its beacons can include both audio and Bluetooth LE signals (thus letting them communicate with a wider range of Android and other phones).

Beacons And The Temple of Doom

The New York-based developer of proximity marketing gear was recently chosen to deliver its proximity technology to the ongoing Indiana Jones and the Adventure of Archaeology traveling museum exhibition .

For the exhibit, Sonic developed the technology to integrate tablets and smart phones into the interactive exhibit so that museum goers can see content in different parts of the physical exhibit as they pass specific places.

The exhibit itself, starting its North American tour at the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History in Fort Worth, TX, is a natural fit for a proximity-based experience where a tour can be paired with experts, film clips, images, and diagrams…and fun stuff for kids.

This is Sonic Notify’s first foray into the museum and exhibition space. The company provides beacon and proximity marketing to retailers, mall operators, sports and music event providers.

NBA Warriors Offer iBeacon Seat Upgrades

Meanwhile, Sonic is also supplying beacons  to the Golden Warriors according to a report by Bloomberg:

The idea is to boost demand by capitalizing on another tech craze working its way through professional sports: the use of cheap sensors to track people’s exact location within the stadium. The Warriors are the first in the NBA to roll out iBeacons, sensors that use low-energy Bluetooth signals to communicate with any phone that has the team’s app installed.

Sonic Notify, the company that installed several dozen 2-by-2-inch beacons in Oracle Arena, says sports franchises are the ideal businesses to use this kind of technology. Stores have to worry about annoying their shoppers, says Aaron Mittman, the company’s chief executive officer, while sports fans are more open to experimenting. “You’re not going to get mad at the Golden State Warriors and go to some other arena instead,” he says.

According to the company’s press release, the beacons use both Bluetooth Low Energy and audio to allow connection to older phones in addition to beacon-compatible Android and Apple devices.

Sonic Notify has also partnered with CSR, Cambridge Silicon Radio, a leading multinational semiconductor company with advanced expertise in the field of radio and especially bluetooth technologies.

All in all? Go Sonic!

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And what do you think? Will beacons entice you to a seat upgrade or other interaction in a sports venue or museum? We say yes – but still think there’s a certain thrill for hopping out of the nose bleeds without getting caught.

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