iBeacon Hackathon UK: Guest Column

Sanitrack Your Beacon!

An iBeacon hackathon this past weekend put London at the center of innovation thanks to BeMyApp and the event sponsors and partners. (We were thrilled to be a media partner!)

Tim Groot, an innovator on the ‘beacon scene’ in the UK and member of the Nodes team, files this report.

By Tim Groot

The iBeacon hackathon was a great way to share ideas and dig into how iBeacon and Bluetooth LE work. There were a couple of very innovative and creative ideas, which I think are great to share with the beacon community.


Stephen Chan operated as a lone wolf during the hackathon but managed to come up with a great app. Instead of placing the beacon on a set location, he took the ‘be the beacon’ slogan very literally and suggested that disabled and senior people could wear a beacon.

The reason for this was that these people are often too late for buses. This is mainly because they are not able to walk fast enough when the bus is approaching. The bus driver could have an app in which he can see that someone that is wearing a beacon is getting closer and wait a bit longer for this person to hop on to the bus.


Offercoin was the only retail hack that was developed during the Hackathon. The idea is to use beacons to track the number of times visitors have been in a shop, and give them a reward paid out in a crypto currency.


The people’s favorite, Sanitrack ensures that medical workers don’t miss their sanitation routines by placing a beacon next to the door and and one next to the sink. Medical works can monitor their own performance as well as others. This turns ‘cleaning up’ into a cool social game.

More than just welcome messages

It is interesting to see that most of the hacks tried to solve a real problem and went further than the vouchers, and welcome messages we mainly see at the moment. I hope that marketers and retailers also see this, and use their creativity to come up with innovative ways to enhance experiences instead of just getting more people to buy products.

Locly gave a great example during the hackathon where they had a beacon empowered coffee machine on display. It is a great example of how diverse the use cases are for beacons.

About the author:

Tim Groot is an Account Manager at Nodes with a prime focus on introducing new technologies into existing businesses. Nodes is one of Northern Europe’s most experienced mobile app development agencies with clients such as Carlsberg, BMW, and Lego as well as a range of startups.

He can be followed on twitter at @tim_grand or you connect with him on linkedin




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