Radius Networks Collects iBeacon Technology

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Radius Networks is collecting the locations of beacons. They’re also collecting companies, announcing the purchase this week of 4DK, a provider of mobile messaging services.

On the acquisition front, the purchase is intended to expand the toolkit of services that Radius provides developers, retailers and others on the hunt for proximity services.

The 4DK analytics and location-based tracking capabilities will supplement things like Proximity Kit and the recently launched TagBeacon.

In the past, we’ve called Radius the Google Apps Engine for iBeacon – but this move shifts them towards something more akin to Urban Airship – a platform providing end-to-end solutions for iBeacon development and analytics.


In other news, Radius has a useful online map of beacons through their WikiBeacon site – and with 13,053 beacons identified so far, it might not provide a comprehensive list but it makes for some fun scrolling.

The challenge with tracking beacons, of course, is that it’s often only ‘beacon people’ who will install the app that detects them.

While their statistics show Singapore as the city with the most number of beacons, the fact that Washington comes in a close second might be due, in part, to the fact that Radius itself is located there – and that their staff is probably scanning for beacons as they go about their lives.

The ongoing survey is still interesting – and they encourage you to grab the Locate app to help expand its coverage.

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3 Responses to “Radius Networks Collects iBeacon Technology”

  1. I was walking today for about 15 min down Torstrasse in Berlin-Mitte, using the BLExplr app to scan for beacons at a rate of 4-5 scans per minute. During that walk, I crossed the Rosenthaler Platz, often dubbed the epi-center of Berlin’s startup scene. The area around the place is regularly used as a stage for new technology by larger companies, e.g. Paypal.

    When I arrived at my destination, I had counted in total 58 beacons. Now, if we take into account that I covered about 15-20 meters per scan, it is fair to eliminate half of the beacons as they probably were accounted for twice. Which leaves 29 beacons, three of which belong to me. (My Estimote dev kit.)

    Now we are down to 26 beacons in the (broader) vicinity of the favorite hang-outs of Berlin’s digital avant-garde. Should we be worried about the adoption rate?

  2. Well, you might want to update the map, as i got around 350 and have shipped 250 more in the Copenhagen, Denmark area, it seems that I have the majority of iBeacons in Europe


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