BlueGiga Gets Big: Beacon Range 250m

BLE121LR_L_RGBBluegiga this week announced a Bluetooth Smart Module with an astonishing 250 to 450 meter range – while promising to maintain the low energy consumption for which Bluetooth LE is known.

Bluegiga is the power under the hood of a wide range of beacons and other devices. They’re one of the “go to” companies if you’re looking to create your own beacon or to integrate BLE into, say, a vending machine. The company provides a suite of development tools for those with the skills to create their own devices – not exactly off-the-shelf beacons, but the kits you need to create your own.

Now, the BLE121LR offers what few others are providing: very long range.

According to the company’s press release:

The BLE121LR is Bluegiga’s latest edition to its market leading Bluetooth smart module family offering extended range capabilities in excess of 250 to 450m with current generation tablets and smartphones while maintaining low power operation commensurate with Bluetooth smart technology. BLE121LR has an RF transmit power of +8dBm, receive sensitivity of -98dBm a peak current consumption of 38mA, and sleep current as low as 0.5uA.

The BLE121LR offers a full suite of peripheral interfaces including SPI, I2C, GPIO, ADCs, PWMs and a UART host interface. As with Bluegiga’s BLE112, BLE113 and BLED112, the BLE121LR implements Bluegiga’s Bluetooth Smart software stack and SDK, offering developers a full-featured Bluetooth smart stack and application development environment for onboard and off-module application operation.

So…if you know what any of the acronyms mean in the above, grab your peripherals and get developing.

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5 Responses to “BlueGiga Gets Big: Beacon Range 250m”

  1. Hi @Andy… could you provide an example of a valuable, real-life application for long-range beacons and why it would be better than GPS?

  2. Fred Wittkampf

    Long range beacons for rowing boats to warn for approach boats and prevent collisions
    Special app will be required

  3. Eduardo Machado

    Can the ibeacon be detected with walls between the device and the phone with the APP ?

  4. Most beacons can be detected through walls – but it depends on the material in the wall, thickness etc. and the signal will be sub-optimal. The biggest things which interfere with a beacon signal are water/moisture and metal, so depending on the composition of the wall material it will have different impacts in ‘muffling’ the signal.


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