Coke Is It – And Gets iBeacon

coke-ibeaconSpeaking at the Cannes Lions festival, the Coke VP of Global Connections had this to say about iBeacon technology:

“The aim is by the end of 2020 for there to be 20 million pieces of equipment around the world that have an electric socket in them, and imagine what would happen if iBeacon technology would be incorporated within it – it would be a global network of information and who wouldn’t be excited by that?

The Drum reports that Ivan Pollard sees beacons as both a big data play and a media channel:

“The data side of it is incredibly rich for us. From a sales perspective then obviously we could really start to understand more – what do you really want to drink today and how are you going to drink it, how much are you willing to pay for it, and how much effort you are willing to go to un order to get it. Understand the behaviours and the drivers – data can help unlock some of that.”

But the insight goes beyond transactions:

Everything from increasing efficiencies in its supply chain to its communications with consumers, could be refined also. “It can open up connections to things that we didn’t even know existed. We sponsor Fifa for example, so have I got something that can correlate the effect on 12 year old boys whose first Fifa world cup is 1998 when we did X doing it with what we are serving their grandchildren 30 years later – understanding that lifetime value.

So, Coke gets iBeacon. Which is a pretty big stamp of approval for a technology which even they admit is still difficult to pull off well.

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