Internet of Things: This Week’s Top Posts

There’s something new on the Internet of Things every week – from Bluetooth LE wrist bands for kids, to shareable bike locks that you run on your phone, to sprinklers that know the weather. But the news of the week was Android. And with Radius Networks seemingly leading the charge, we’re seeing strong evidence that […]

iBeacon for Android: Radius App Helps You Discover and Test Beacons

With its support for Bluetooth LE and its iBeacon API in iOS7, all eyes were on Apple and its so-called NFC-killer. But Radius Networks is making sure that Android isn’t far behind, recently launching a Locate app that’s now available on Google Play. The app is a great supplement to a series of toolkits and […]

iBeacons, Apple and Android: Is Google Hijacking Your Bluetooth LE?

Update (October 22, 2013): As noted in the comments below, Radius Networks has taken this question further, and answers with a, well, qualified “NO”, iOS will NOT let you find beacons that aren’t your own. Their conclusion? There doesn’t seem to be any hack to look for an arbitrary iBeacon on iOS — you have […]

iBeacon for Android Devices: API Library by Radius

With all the hype around iBeacon/Bluetooth LE support on Apple’s OS devices, there’s a lot less talk about how Android supports the same technology. They might have some catching up to do, but Radius Networks is doing its part to help us along. It offers both an Android-centric hardware kit you can hack around with […]